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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the month of November with Jackie Castonguay, from Gym ArtFitness

We won’t lie, the month of November is a more gloomy month, in which it is difficult to stay motivated and "focused" on our objectives. This is why, throughout the month of November, we will be doing special collaborations with partners who promote wellness and an active lifestyle in order to keep you motivated and make you feel your best mentally and physically. ⁠

Each week will be dedicated to a different collaborator, who will share well-being tips through video clips, blog articles, and more, on our platforms. This week, we are proud to present our first partner of the month #FEELYOURBEST Apexways: Gym Artfitness! Gym ArtFitness is a gym in our hometown, Amqui, whose mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by creating a friendly environment where everyone is welcomed to have fun and achieve their goals.

Are you having trouble staying motivated and to keep it moving these days? Jackie from Gym ArtFitness gives you tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the month of November:

  1. Listen to your body

If your body is sending you messages that it needs a break, take it! This probably means that it needs to rest, which is crucial in your training journey. Take at least one day off from training per week, and another day where training is going to be easier. We are talking about “active recovery” here. It could be, for example, going for a gentle swim, going for a walk, or just going easier on your training program.

  1. Maintain your good habits

If you usually train 3 or 4 times a week and find it more difficult this month, you can go down to 2 days a week to start the month. It will allow you to keep your good habits, instead of quitting for a month (or more) completely. 

  1. Find a training partner

Having a person with whom you are going to want to go train, but who will also motivate you and "challenge" you, is the key. Someone who will write to you: "Are you coming? We're going to the gym on Friday ". You need to find this special person to stay motivated.

  1. Find clothes that are comfortable and that stay in place

I love the new Apexways “Rise” leggings because they don't come down when I train, and hold up in my high intensity workouts. The same goes for the Apexways sports bra; Girls, no more sports bras that hug us on the sides too much and that make us uncomfortable during our workouts. The Apexways “Ventilation” sports bra combines high support and superior protection with its high collar and slightly longer coverage, so you can take your workouts to the next level. Made with sweat-wicking fabric, it is highly breathable and dries very quickly! I never take it off.

  1. Plan your schedule

Take your calendar or your phone, and plan your workouts for the week on Sunday, as if you had an appointment with your doctor that you can't cancel. This ensures that you have planned an important date with yourself, for yourself, and that you can't miss it.

  1. Prepare your training kit the day before

Preparing your kit in advance for your workout will motivate you to get up and move unconsciously. For my part, I always pack my sports clothes in my gym bag, or dress in sportswear in the morning so I can be ready to work out later in the day.

As part of the #feelyourbest month Apexways, we partnered with Gym ArtFitness and decided to give out a 3 month unlimited crosstraining subscription as well as a $50 Apexways gift card to keep you motivated and active this month! Head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to participate! You have until Sunday, November 14 to enter. Good luck! 


More info on Gym ArtFitness here

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