Apexways know how important it is to get engage with our community and how helpful we can be. Since the start we decided to give a part of our profit directly to the association of your choice. We identified 3 organizations and are devoted to give back with every purchase made with our company. During the check-out you have the option to choose which one you want to support  at the same time of buying our products. 


Here are the choice you got to give back and support : 


  1. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to do humanitarian help in Haïti. Although there isn't always enough time to help the poorer countries, Apexways offers you the opportunity to help with every purchase throught a donation. Haïti is the poorest country in the Americas, frequently exposed to natural disasters, political instability and external economic shocks. With your help, Apexways can improve the living conditions of local communities in the long run. 
  2. Our second option for your donation is the Campo Ma'an area. It's the only protected reserve to accomodate mandrills. This place is located in Cameroon, Africa. Mandrills are primates threatened with extinction as a result of poaching and deforestation. The National  Park is also home to more than 700 gorillas, 700 chimpanzees and 350 elephants. In addition to all that, there are 300 species of birds, 122 species of reptiles and 28 specties of bats ! The reserve uses donations to protect wildlife and support local communities.
  3. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks the immune system. In Canada, 1 out of 385 people is affected in an unpredictable way. It manifests itself in different ways and there are currently strategies to deal with the symptoms. Your donations are used for research to fuel the hope of finding a cure in the near future.

It is a pleasure for Apexways to help, with your help, support thoses organizations since the start. Thank you for choosing us and believing, at the same time, that it is possible to make a better life and pass hope around !

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