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Resilience, courage, hard work. Theo Poirier: his professional ascension.


Theo Poirier grew up in Sayabec amongst a family of motorized sports lovers. He rides motorcycles and snowmobiles since he is very young and he is very good at it. No wonder why he is now a member of the Woodies Racing team, an Arctic Cat snocross team participating in the ISOC AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, a national circuit located in the United States.


Before getting there, the teenager tried many sports when he was younger. He first tried hockey and basketball. Then, he started skiing and really enjoyed doing that. Skiing was his main sport until he discovered something that would change his life: competitive motorcycle racing. Motorcycle was nothing new for him, as he was riding since a very young age and his entire family are lovers of everything that has an engine. The only new thing was to race against other people. He then stared his career in motorcycle racing, competing every summer and bringing home the grand prize after almost every race. Unfortunately, in the Quebec province, it is pretty hard to practise this sport in winter time, as the temperature makes it almost impossible. To occupy its free time, Theo had to find something else and that something else was snowmobile racing; snocross. He then discovers a new passion. A passion that will bring him to surpass himself and reach some new heights.


When I say “ that will bring him to surpass himself” it is because such a sport demands great physical capacities. Racers have to control a heavy snowmobile while going at high speeds in curvy and uneven tracks. The physical and mental preparation is essential to be successful and that, Theo understands. The athlete follows a precise and intense training program to stay in the best possible shape and to reach higher levels of performance. All of his hard work paid off in 2018, when he won the Pro-Lite division in the Quebec championship. This achievement was not unseen, as the Woodies Racing team contacted him to later sign him as a part of the team.


Now competing in the U.S. in the Pro-Lite category, Theo is more motivated than ever before. He wishes to become a professional snocross racer over there. By achieving this, he may be able to earn a living doing what he loves the most. This passion he has could become his job and this is what his dream is all about. He surely has what it takes to success. Where other people see failure, Poirier sees a chance to learn and a desire to become better. The competition level in the AMSOIL championship is high and he knows he will have to work harder than ever to reach his goal. He also knows that all of this would not be possible without the incredible support of his family, that follows him since the beginning; “I would not be there without them”, he states. Theo Poirier really is a humble and determined young man.


Theo Poirier says that only positive things has happened to him since practising snocross. Surely, he says that the risk of injuries is high, but for a thrill-seeker like him, it’s not a problem. His new beginning in the United States gave him a chance to learn English, to develop his autonomy and his physical capacities. The sport makes him tremendously grow as a person and that is the whole point.

To keep up with Theo’s career, you can follow him on Instagram: @poirier728 and on Facebook: Théo Poirier, as he is really active on social media!

         - Émile Turcotte -

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