Zach Fucale

The goaltender filled with courage, perseverance and determination

I don't know about you, but to me, just the fact of making it to the playoffs, regardless of the sport, is a big feat. When you get to a # 7 game, the excitement is at its peak. The hockey goalkeeper Zach Fucale has had many remarkable performances, including this one.

Before getting to the level where he currently is, Zach practiced several sports. "I played soccer until I was 14-15 years old. I did some speed skating, and I even think I did gymnastics when I was very young," said the 25-year-old. From the age of 6-7, he fell in love with everything related to goalkeeper's equipment. Martin Brodeur and José Théodore were notable goalkeepers he looked up to growing up.

Some performances mark our lives. Zach has experienced several of those. Game # 7 of the president's cup in the QMJHL was remarkable for him during his time with the Quebec Remparts. "We made it to the second overtime against the Rimouski Océanic," he told me. Whether it's the World Junior Championship gold medal game, playing a full game in a preseason game with the Vegas Golden Knights, the Spengler and Memorial Cups or even being the assistant goalkeeper during a match for the Montreal Canadiens, our athlete did it all.

He recently signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Washington Capitals. People close to him would describe him as very determined. "I am very dedicated to hockey. I perform and train with passion. There's nothing I like better than playing in games with a lot of meaning," he said. His dream remains to play in the NHL and win, several games... because why not? "It is still a very attainable goal at my age. I wake up every day to improve myself and to achieve this goal by changing my lifestyle," he said proudly. What a beautiful champion mentality!

Also, the man behind the mask started a project that he was kind enough to explain to me, with the name of Living Sisu. "It's a company that I co-founded with two other people. Sisu is a Finnish word that means courage, determination and tenacity." He goes on to say that it is a mindset. It's related to sports, and our slogan is: 'activate your lifestyle, he explained.

In closing, Fucale had a few words to say to youth who want to progress in the sport: "Each athlete knows what is good for him. So you have to find your strengths and create a system that will work and that will contribute to your success," he concludes. Before heading to stop a few pucks on or off the ice, waste no time and follow Zach on his page @zachfucale_ as well as living Sisu @living.sisu.

         - Sarah-Lynn Pauléus -

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